ColorVision Spyder2PRO Win/Mac

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Manufacturer Description

The Professionals Choice: Includes Spyder2 calibration, software based print profiling, new PreciseLight ambient light sensor, and calibration for projectors. ColorVision spyder2pro is a comprehensive system for professionally calibrating all types of monitors—including front projector displays—and for creating custom printer profiles for any PrintFIX Plus-supported printer. The Spyder2PRO system includes both the hardware and the software to make sure you workflow begins with accurate, on-screen color.

The award-winning Spyder2 colorimeter attaches to your LCD, CRT, or laptop screen.

The Spyder2 colorimeter working together with the Spyder2 Professional Monitor Calibration Software.

spyder2pro can even help you calibrate front projector displays.
spyder2pro Professional Monitor Calibration System
The hardware component of spyder2pro is the award-winning Spyder2 colorimeter. This colorimeter attaches to your LCD, CRT, or laptop screen (the hardware is designed to be very gentle on delicate LCD screens), and then connects to your computer via USB cable. New state-of-the-art optical science provides a five-fold increase in color sensitivity over previous technology with a patent-protected light baffle for accurate characterization of LCD displays.

With the colorimeter affixed to the screen, the Spyder2 Professional Monitor Calibration Software guides you through the entire calibration process. With the colorimeter reading the color output from the software via the display screen, you will be instructed how to fine-tune the calibration buttons on your display. spyder2pro even allows you to calibrate multiple monitors, so you can have side-by-side displays of different brands and sizes that show the exact same colors. Once the calibration is complete, the unique "before and after" viewing feature lets you compare your display with and without calibration.

spyder2pro also address the issue of ambient light. Since the eye's perception of a monitor's colors and brightness can vary greatly in different room light, the Ambient PreciseLight Function measures ambient light and balances studio lighting and monitor settings accordingly.

High-test features for the professional include custom response targeting, colorimeter and information windows, custom targeting, and ICC 2.0 and 4.0 support. Exclusive automated black-and-white luminance adjustments for use in precision targeting provide more consistent calibration results. Sophisticated gray balance and tonal response algorithms provide demanding users with exceptionally smooth gradient steps and neutral grays.

If you use a front projector for presentations, the new front projector calibration option ensures that your images are shown to their best advantage.

PrintFIX PLUS Printer Profiling Software
If you print your digital images, you probably know that getting good color performance in your prints can be at least as daunting as matching colors on computer monitors. The PrintFIX PLUS Printer Profiling Software addresses this issue with the first software-only profiling tool to give you fast, precise results. Rather than using a scanner, the elegant software assists you step-by-step through each custom paper profile for PrintFIX PLUS-compatible printers.

The software wizard helps you check your print quality and optimize your printer's media setting. Using the wizard helps you create high-bit, tunable ICC printer profiles. You can preview your results at different rendering intents, and there are even options to optimize your prints for specific viewing conditions.

The PrintFIX PLUS software includes a complete Help system and tutorials to assist you with the basic and advanced advice on how to get great prints.

An essential product for serious photographers and design professionals
Color correction has emerged as a cornerstone of the digital workflow for all digital imaging professionals. Professional photographers and creative professionals understand that a color-managed workflow begins with accurate, on-screen color. When precise color is critical, spyder2pro can be an important foundation in creating, marketing, and showing your work.

ColorVision backs the spyder2pro with a 2 year hardware warranty and includes free technical support and free software updates.

Product Features

The award-winning Spyder2 colorimeter attaches to any screen: LCD, CRT, or laptop Professional monitor calibration software guides you through the entire calibration process Printer profiling software helps give you precise color results for your prints, without a scanner Multiple monitor calibration and matching allows you to calibrate and profile multiple monitors on a single system or across an entire studio Hardware and software are both compatible with front projectors, so you can calibrate your images for presentations

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